International Association of Underground Space Environments (IA-USE)

International Association of Underground Space Environments (IA-USE) is an international, independent, multidisciplinary, scientific, non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the creation of healthy, comfortable and safe underground (semi-underground) space environments for urban, industry, agriculture and transportation purposes.  

As an Association, the major role is to facilitate international and interdisciplinary communication and information exchange by publishing and fostering publication on underground (semi-underground) space environments. Conferences, meetings, workshops and seminars will be organized, sponsored and supported. Collaborations with policy makers and other agencies and societies with interests in underground (semi-underground) space environments will be developed. 


Strategic objectives

 > Promoting the improvement of occupants’ health, comfort and well-being in underground (semi-underground) spaces
 > Promoting the development and application of energy conservation methodologies, renewable energy sources and humidity control in underground (semi-underground) spaces
 > Promoting indoor air quality in underground (semi-underground) spaces
 > Promoting safety in underground spaces (semi-underground) under normal and ab-normal conditions by means of ventilation in case of fire
 > Dissemination of best practices, knowledge and latest technologies
 > Supporting companies to fulfil their environmental and social obligations
 > Supporting government to make policies, standards and specifications

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